Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Festival is now in the blogosphere

This won't be a terribly long post, more just an introduction. This blog will serve as a newsroom, thought board, and general catch all, for all of the things that we'd like to say.

As a company, Festival is now under new ownership. Jay Flesher, Festival owner since 1988 has handed over the reigns, and will be along for trip. Lee and Scott (me) are very humbled to have been given this opportunity to take Festival Promotions into the next 20+ years.

You'll see some changes and updates to Festival but what won't change is the underlying ideals that Festival was founded on: Having fun, being loyal and accountable to our customers, making the most creative promotional products, and making the world a better place while doing it.

So thank you for reading and working with us this far, and we're looking forward to the next twenty years!

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