Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hiring the “new guy"

Although they don’t know it yet, Festival Promotions made the best decision of the year hiring me, and little do they know that this blog has given me the opportunity to brag a little about myself. Known around the office as the “new guy” (hence the correlation between that and my email address), I am extremely appreciative that I have this great opportunity to show them exactly what I am capable of achieving in an ever-changing and fast paced market that Festival Promotions serves today.

As a 4th year business student at the Telfer School of Management, I bring experience along with a creative and fresh mind to a very unique office, one that can be best compared to hit reality TV show The Office. Despite being small in stature, Festival Promotions packs a huge personality to compensate. With a fun, dynamic, and hardworking sales team surrounding my desk, there is never a dull moment during my day.

Now a little background on myself and why I fit so well with Festival and their student market. The last year and a half have become the defining moments in my life. Finally realizing that without being involved, I was not getting the most out of my time as a university student. Thus I decided to make the leap into the involved world – and man did I ever take a leap – more of a jump if you ask me! Let’s just say I didn’t know where to stop. However, all my recent involvement has lead to my hiring at Festival Promotions. Looking for someone who was outgoing and not afraid to work hard, Festival has taken me on board a very dynamic team. My leadership role in the Telfer School of Management community will hopefully be a valuable asset to the Festival team. I possess experiences on three executive boards including roles as President and Vice-President, participation in multiple academic competitions and enormous amounts of philanthropic involvement, has hopefully acted as a differentiator in the very competitive business world. Festival has recognized this and has given me great responsibility, a responsibility I look forward to take on and hopefully I will not disappoint.

All of my involvements make me a great fit for my role as marketing coordinator at Festival Promotions, a company whom I am getting the opportunity to learn and love. In addition to taking marketing by the horns, I will have the opportunity to dabble with Sales, something I really believe I am born to do. I love talking. Having and holding an intelligent conversation is my specialty and whenever I have the opportunity to do so, I am all over it.

So I think that’s enough from me in my first blog post at Festival Promotions; more to come shortly. Next time I will be combining my two favourite passions – Golf and Sales. Feel free to email me at if you have any inquiries or would just like to chat. Let’s do business together.

Steve Nyenkamp

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  1. Nice post Steve, I'm sure you will rock it hard over there at Festival.

    I'm looking forward to this post about golf, we should get out and play a round soon.